Pic Picks 2009

Now that the growing season has ended and the 2009 Botany Slideshow Extravaganza is over, I thought I would post some of my favorite photos from the year. The lack of labels or narrative is intentional. If you want a name, hover your cursor over the image and look for the name within the file name. Enjoy!


  1. Pretty.... I really like the Grasshopper Hollow photo. Nice sky.

    Where is "Socks It Is"?

    I'm proud to say that I was in the field with you for 5 of your 13 favorite photos of the year. Hopefully we can botanize together even more in 2010.

  2. Thanks, Scott. I'd have a blank blog without your comments.

    We have plenty of botanizing left in us. Just think of the botanical treasure left for the pilfering.

  3. It really was an amazing year for Sabatia, wasn't it?

    I'm dying to see Grasshopper Hollow for myself sometime. I'm also green with envy over your Isotria photo.

    Very nice selection of photographs.

  4. Thanks, Ted. Grasshopper Hollow is like an amusement park for biologists (minus the crowds and lines). It is fairly close to my house, so if you ever want company on an excursion there let me know.


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