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Prunus munsoniana

For many, spring is ushered in by the purple reign of Eastern Redbud or the snowy white of Flowering Dogwood. While I also put the winter blues behind me at the sight of these old faithfuls, I find Wild Goose Plum a more accurate measure of the seasonal fulcrum. Blooming a solid two weeks earlier than the more cliché spring trees mentioned above, I like how rebellious it is in the face of a late freeze. It softly represents the more unique and less vulgar aspects of nature’s palate.

Wild Goose Plum (Prunus munsoniana) begins blooming at the end of March and reaches its peak bloom by the second week of April. Unlike Flowering Dogwood which seems to have a more regionally synchronized phenology, Prunus munsoniana has no rhyme or reason to its blooming window; I speculate this temporal heterogeneity is a consequence of blooming closer to potential late freezes. Be it patches in the same field or scattered colonies along miles of highway, you will often see a full spectrum of floral p…