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Prairie Poem

Oh proud prairieOh fertile shroudRooted in the black depths of antiquitySpotted and swaying with varying degreesOf blue, green and golden pleasuresA symphony of silent strengthWhere wind and grass collideTo worship open expanseIn you I confide
Between the prayers of a Pleistocene skyThe pressure of iceAnd the loft of loessI walk in silent searchOf anything That can exist so freelyAs these erupting spirits of bloomIn concert with birds, timeMotion and tune
Oh my miserable heartdiced to bleeding pulsing squaresRoads and cropsDust and barbed wire staresPitted with rustThat stain more red than ignoranceMy imprisoned prairie soulDig deepInto ancient soilsAnd find the usIn what remainsOf the plows crumbsAnd the cattle's wasteFind the starry nightSo far awayAnd let us sleep TogetherUnder itAnd remain